Games for cheaper PC machines!

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Not even six years after we first saw her ugly face, the global economic crisis shows no serious signs of abating in countries such as ours. No job, no money, and when there is no money, there is no good computer…

Huge numbers of young and old gamers in our country and close regional game and sincerely enjoys playing with the machines that are many times weaker than the Western European average gaming, which is a topic that is dealt ScreenFun magazine in its latest issue.


In order to seriously discuss what it is like playing to a minimum and that the game is recommended for high-quality entertainment on a modest machine, the minimum we must first be defined. Perhaps the first thing you should note is that under the minimum here does not mean the cheapest new machine usable for gaming, but computer age between five and seven years, that is really old machine whose power is an obsolete, the machine that many bought into, say, the last year before the crisis and which have not since been upgraded. This, then, is not the latest AMD covers APU gaming, but all in one machine that does not cost much more than a hundred euros.

Machine-ThinkingWhat’s it like playing at this venerable antiquity, which is not so old that it can be considered a grandfather? Playing modern games AAA class is usually painful if overdo it with the details, quality textures and insist on anti-aliasing. Some new games simply refuse to work on the retired Windows XP, so you’ll be forced to install weeks and further reduce performance due to larger memory “footprint” of the operating system.

Mainstream scene


To play the new minimum machine generally have two options: older mainstream games or more recent (and older) indie games. Of course, in the first case, there are plenty of exceptions in terms of modern AAA games that have minimal hardware requirements such as Blizzard or Valve’s Dota Hearthstone 2. For the games in the first or third person the most happiness and performance, you will have the games delivered in Source and Unreal engine, with the honorable exception custom engine treats such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2. So, you have a rich and nice choice between either continuing puzzle FPS Portal, awesome shooter game Far Cry 2, the co-op multi player shooter Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, the walking sandbox idiocy personified Saints Row 2 and 3 and the fantastic shooting RPG, which answers to the name Borderlands.

headerBelieve it or not, on this machine, you can comfortably play Crysis, provided that slightly reduce the experience. These shooters recommends, like all further recommendations, understand as a suggestion and not as the only possible choice. Among other genres, you can comfortably dive in Burnout Paradise, Alan Wake, Dead Space, Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us … If you are serious fans of RPG, maybe it would be best to start with enhanced editions of Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, which will your ancient machine digest first.

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